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Coronavirus outbreak

Academic Year 2020 : Keep safe !

Everybody must respect health safety rules :

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The new academic year will start on September 7th.
A site dedicated to the welcome of students will soon be available on our website « Welcome to university ».

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22/09/2020 : Management of positive case reports at UT Capitole and implementation of distance learning courses

Since 7 September, the university has been making a daily update, every morning, on positive cases declared before midnight the day before. The president and the component directors are immediately informed and take the necessary decisions for the smooth running of the institution.

In accordance with the recommendations of the ARS, as soon as the threshold of 3 positive cases is exceeded in a group of courses of any size, the training is totally distanced for 14 days.

Since 17 September, the number of cases declared positive has been increasing too quickly. This process is therefore implemented as of Wednesday 23 September 2020.

Information will be given to schools and training managers as soon as such a decision is taken. The teachers will be immediately informed by the person in charge of the training of the passage in distance of their course. The same applies to students, who will be informed by the schools, via their moodle account, that they are moving to distance learning.

18/09/2020, 6 pm: point after 2 weeks of classes

The new school year started on 7/09. Several scenarios had been planned by the University Toulouse Capitole, in connection with the components:

  • face-to-face lessons totally
  • Hybrid mode courses
  • totally remote course.
Certain components, including the Toulouse School of Economics (TSE) and the TSM School of Management, have opted for hybridisation (50% face-to-face and 50% distance learning) from the start of the academic year.

After the first two weeks in the classroom, in order to facilitate distancing in the context of the development of the epidemic, the Faculties of Law and Political Science and of Administration and Communication decided to move to hybrid teaching.

From Monday 21 September, the bachelor's and master's 1 courses of these two components will gradually move to a half-presential and half-distancial education. Students will be progressively informed of the implementation of these new modalities via their moodle account.

17/09/2020, 18:00: point case Covid-19 reported at UT Capitole

The university asked Covid-19 positive students and staff to report themselves through d'a form and these were linked to l'ARS Occitanie.

As of 17 September, there have been 64 confirmed cases since the start of the academic year on 7 September, including 62 students among the 19,500 students at the institution. Detailed monitoring by courses and groups of courses is provided on an ongoing basis, in conjunction with the ARS.

L'ARS Occitania informed us that the contaminations had taken place, until now, in places outside the university within the framework of festive gatherings and that no common contamination linked them.

Toulouse Capitole University remains vigilant, to protect its students and staff, in permanent contact with the prefectural and health authorities, in order to follow developments as closely as possible and to decide on the most appropriate measures.

22/06/2020, 11 a.m.: gradual reopening of the Arsenal BU as of 23 June

As of Tuesday, June 23rd, the BU teams are happy to have their readers back.
  • For Bachelor and Master students, the BU Arsenal is open from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm for document returns only.
Borrowing is always by appointment.
  • For teachers, researchers, doctoral students, masters students with a thesis to write, students with disabilities, the areas and services of the BU Arsenal are open from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm.
Please read carefully the terms and conditions of access to be respected.
All remote services are maintained.

18/05/2020, 11:00 a.m. : Message to all students from Minister Frédérique Vidal

Frédérique Vidal, Minister of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, sends a personal message to all students through the university presidents.

Read or download his mail (in French)

15/05/2020, 4 p.m. : Return of documents to the BU Arsenal by appointment

The Arsenal Library will open on Monday 18 May exclusively for the return of borrowed documents and by appointment.

30/04/2020, 7 p.m. : Clarifications on the organization of the exams

The components presented the guidelines for the organization of distance examinations at the CFVU on 30 April.
In the framework of the Order of 27 March 2020 (No. 2020-351), the CFVU delegated to the President of the University the authority to adapt the 2019-2020 assessment methods.

Each student will be informed individually, by his/her component, by email or on his/her Moodle account of the modalities that concern him/her.
Contact details will be provided in case of any queries or special situations to be reported. This will begin on Monday, May 4th and as information becomes available.

A minimum period of 15 days for the preparation of their tests will be respected for the sending of this information.

Remember to regularly consult the FAQ at the top right of this page where questions are updated as the situation evolves.


28/04/2020, 2 p.m.: Preparation for the 2020 exam sessions

The exams, of session 1 of semester 2 and session 2 of both semesters of all components, will take place in various forms that do not require the presence of students on site. These exams will all take place before the end of July in order to be able to ensure a return to school in September with no exams to finish.

The timetable and examination procedures will be specified after the school's CFVU on 30/04. Students will be informed by personal email or on their Moodle account by their faculty or school and tuition services no later than 15 days before the start of their exams.

Remember to regularly consult the FAQ at the top right of this page where questions are updated as the situation evolves.

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Protect yourself… Protect everyone around you

Do :

  • Wash your hands more often than usual with water and soap or hand sanitiser gel
  • Cough or sneeze in your elbow
  • Avoid handshake and kissing
  • Use  single-use tissues to be put in the bin straight away

If you have fever or feel feverish, if you have breathing difficulties, if you cough…

  • Dial phone number 15 (emergency medical service SAMU)
  • If the SAMU finds you may be or are contamined :
    • If you are a student, do send a mail to :  (Direction générale des Services)
    • If you are part of the university staff, do inform the head of your department or of your unit who will feed back the information to the appropriate person(s) via and according to the relevant procedure
Do not rush to a GP surgery or hospital to avoid any potential contamination.

Health and safety rules in the workplace

Explanatory visuals are posted in the university premises for :
  • the use of the tools shared in the offices (photocopier, coffee machine, water fountains, ...)
  • the use of elevators
  • the use of sanitary facilities.

Date of update September 23, 2020

Instructions in case of suspicion of contamination or adverse case of COVID-19

► All students with symptoms or who have had more than 15 minutes of contact with an infected person without a mask or distancing themselves from the person with the disease are encouraged to follow the following instructions.

FAQ Students



For on-campus access, the BUs are open only to the UT Capitol university community.

However, books on the shelves of UT Capitole can be reserved and picked up in other university libraries in Toulouse, by consulting the Archipel catalogue.

Keep yourself informed!

As of 11 May 2020, the gradual deconfinement phase starts. University campuses will be accessible to only a portion of the institutions' staff. They remain closed to students and other members of the public.

Student Health

Simpps (student health service) provides an online hotline for student social emergencies.
An emergency e-mail address:

See also their web page on the Welcom Desk.
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