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Programme of the ‘DESAPS’ (European health and health products law) project

Chair in European health and health products law

Control of healthcare spending, progress in biotechnologies, the potential of regenerative medicine, transformation of the caregiving relationship, public expectations with regard to health protection and even concerns related to ageing (increase in the population of elderly people suffering from chronic diseases and lack of specialist doctors in Europe, keeping elderly people in good health and improving their quality of life, limiting hospitalisation through developments in telemedicine, etc.): these issues are no longer being analysed only at the national level but at the European level. The field of drugs, and health products more broadly, is also a key sector at the European level. An essential and top performing market with great potential in terms of lengthening and improving quality of life, it is also a high-risk market in that it affects human beings.



The field of European health law is growing significantly, but teaching of it remains limited. In France, the public health policy of the European Union is covered as part of more general courses on substantive law, but study of the subject per se is not yet a reality; health is seen above all as a sovereign national policy.

The aim of the chair is to promote the development of European health and health products law both at the educational level (strengthening of existing teaching in the field and creation of new courses) and at the research level at UT Capitole.


The goal is to develop a centre for expertise and excellence in European health and health products law at the university to ensure greater visibility of this field of study at the institution, but also at the national and international level.

This subject involves not only significant economic issues, but also a particularly sensitive societal and ethical aspect, making it a priority field of study and no doubt an excellent means of renewing ties between the European Union and European citizens.


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