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Chair in European Union law (DUE)

Ad personam Chair Marc Blanquet

A word from the holder

It was Guy Isaac who, from the beginning of the 1970s, carried out a study of European Community law at the University of Social Sciences of Toulouse, setting up and running what was then the CEDRE and the DEA in European Community law. He would arguably have been the holder of the university’s first ad personam Jean Monnet Chair, if fate and his sudden and premature death on 30 March 2000 had not prevented it. Two years after his death, it was logically, even morally, right that it was the only one of his doctors to become a professor who received this status.

Guy Isaac and Marc Blanquet 1996


According to their official presentation, ad personam Jean Monnet Chairs are more focused on the past than the future, since they are supposed to be ‘reserved for experienced professors with extensive teaching and research experience in the field of European integration’. Jean Monnet Chairs, on the other hand, are more focused on the future, since they are ‘awarded to lecturers with specific commitments to developing education and research on European integration in their institutions’. However, it seems difficult to limit the awarding of a Jean Monnet Chair to consideration of experience 10 years after its holder passes the agrégation [a competitive examination for teachers in France]. This Chair in European Union law has therefore played a leading role, alongside the activities of colleagues such as Joël Molinier and Sylvaine Peruzzetto, in making Toulouse Capitole University a centre of excellence for research and teaching in European law.


Today, this centre has two Jean Monnet chairs; a Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence, a label awarded in 2012 and renewed in 2017; a research centre, the IRDEIC, bringing together 25 published lecturers and researchers; a European School of Law delivering 17 double degrees in cooperation with foreign universities; a Jean Monnet Module; and a particularly European-heavy curriculum driving law students to study compulsory courses with tutorials in European Union law in each of the 3 years of their licence, before progressing to a Master’s allowing them to access several Master 2 courses including in European law, the successor to the DEA created by Guy Isaac.
The website of the Chair provides a picture of the activities of its holder beyond just scientific publications, which are simply listed’.


Marc Blanquet






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