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Diploma in European Healthcare and Health Product Law (DESAPS)


This course, complementary to the general courses offered at Toulouse Capitole University, identifies the activities of the Jean Monnet Chair in European health and health products law, held by Nathalie De Grove-Valdeyron. It is one of the courses offered by the European School of Law (ESL), part of the European Centre of Excellence at Capitole (C2EC).


DESAPS aims to provide additional skills and specific legal expertise not only to law, medicine and pharmacy students, but also to public and private healthcare professionals, and law professionals wishing to specialise in the fields of health and health products, understood in their European dimension.
Teaching combines the contributions of university staff (lecturers and researchers) specialising in European law, health law and pharmaceutical law with those of experienced professionals.

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The syllabus, at European level, includes 100 hours of specialist training or seminars divided into two broad types of classes:

  • Core courses (45 hrs)
  • Specialist seminars (48 hrs)

These courses are supplemented by (optional) courses in legal methodology (7 hrs). They are aimed more specifically at non-lawyers and are designed to be a prerequisite to facilitate understanding of the courses offered.


The following can enrol in DESAPS:

  • students who have been awarded a qualification demonstrating 3 years of tertiary education.
  • working professionals who wish to take the course. The latter must request an equivalency if required
Enrolling on a course at a designated educational institution does not confer student status, but it does allow learners to earn ECTS credits. In order to benefit from student status, learners must be enrolled on one of the higher education institution’s general courses.



Courses are taught on an intensive basis (12-15 hrs) on Thursdays and Fridays 7 times a year at the beginning of November, December, January, February, March, April and May from 9am-12pm and 1.30pm-4.30pm, and on 3 Saturday mornings from 9am-12pm (January, March and May). Classes do not take place during school holidays.
Examinations are held in June (see the details in the examination order)
Enrolment takes place over a set period (first week in October). Pre-enrolment with a DU administrative manager from 28 August is strongly recommended, given the limited number of places.
Attendance at classes is strongly recommended


Core courses (45 hrs) Module 1

  • Introduction to European health law (10 hrs)
  • The internal European health market: freedom of movement of healthcare professionals and patients - free movement of drugs and health products.
  • Issues related to the classification of health products (10 hrs).
  • Principles of health security in the health products field. (10 hrs)

Specialist seminars (48 hrs) Module 2


  • Health and new technologies in Europe. (3 hrs)
  • Electronic applications in health (e-Apps) and connected objects (3 hrs).
  • Telemedicine in France and Europe. (3 hrs)
  • Protection of health data (3 hrs)
  • Biobanks in Europe - regulatory context. (3 hrs)
  • Bioethics and European law. (3 hrs)
  • Innovation in health. (3 hrs)
  • Scientific expertise and conflicts of interest: the expert view (3 hrs)

Drugs and health products

  • Specific European regulations: food supplements, nutrition and health claims on foodstuffs, new foods and ingredients, nanomaterials and nutrition (3 hrs).
  • Regulations on cosmetics (3 hrs)
  • Fake drugs and counterfeiting in Europe (3 hrs)
  • Innovation - Drugs and medical equipment (3 hrs)
  • Innovation and intellectual property (3 hrs)
  • Access to drugs in the European Union: economic and ethical aspects (3 hrs)
  • European and French policy on orphan drugs: modern ethical issues. (3 hrs)
  • European pharmacovigilance system (3 hrs)

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