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Jean Monnet European Centre of Excellence at Capitole


From 2012 to 2015, Toulouse Capitole University benefited from its classification as a Centre of Excellence under the Jean Monnet programme. This status enabled the creation in Toulouse of a centre of expertise on European law issues. Out of this first project, for example, came the European School of Law (ESL) , which brings together all law courses offered in a foreign language and 17 double degrees. The ESL allows students to gain a greater understanding and appreciation of the European Union and aims to promote better inclusion and integration into the European world of work.

In July 2017, the European Commission renewed this label for another 3 years, with the centre now known as the European Centre of Excellence at Capitole. The European School of Law remains the Educational pillar of this new CEEC (European Centre of Excellence at Capitole) project, in conjunction with the activities of the Research pillar carried out at the IRDEIC.

The ‘Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence’ label is an assurance of the quality of research and teaching on European issues offered by UT Capitole.

Two Jean Monnet chairs


Nathalie De Grove Valdeyron is the holder of our university’s second Jean Monnet Chair, in European health and health products law, in addition to the ad personam Chair in European Union law held by Marc Blanquet.


CEEC Project 2017-2020

The CEEC centre of excellence project brings together several institutions in the field of European law. Both the identity-based structure of the IRDEIC and the wide variety of courses and innovative teaching methods offered by the ESL promote interdisciplinarity (international law, European law, comparative law, the history of Europe, etc.).
Innovation is also at the heart of research activities, whether these relate to an understanding of innovation through European Union law, or focus on the legal innovation behind the development of a European Union public law that is as disruptive to conventional thinking as it is revealing of the very nature of the European Union. Activities will focus on paving the way to interdisciplinarity, with a discussion on the opening of law to other subjects and the promotion of this interdisciplinary approach to the subjects of Europe and human rights.


Jean Monnet Centres of Excellence


Jean Monnet Centres of Excellence are multidisciplinary institutions that bring together scientific, human and documentary resources for the study and research of European integration at a university.

Organising the research and educational activities of the IRDEIC, the ESL and the Jean Monnet Chairs into a Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence provides consistency, since they share many features with regard to European integration (diversity of methods) and legal training in Europe.



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European Centre of Excellence at Capitole, coordinated by Marc Blanquet:


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