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The ESL aims to train lawyers for Europe. It has a maxim: cultural, linguistic and legal diversity as course components, and student mobility as a vehicle for knowledge building.
The educational part of the project comprises various units of the Diplôme de l’ESL, designed with the help of a prestigious Strategic Direction Committee to offer innovative teaching approaches.

The ESL trains the lawyers European actors need, whether private or public. Future lawyers for Europe who will know, understand, compare, articulate and shape national and European laws, learn law through mobility and engage in the necessary cooperation between lawyers.

Students graduating from the school are able to find the best legal solutions in the European area. Educational activities also encourage interdisciplinary learning through the development of skills and expertise complementary to law. The project is shaped by international openness and intercultural skills, with increased cooperation between universities in different countries (ESL double degrees) and a focus on legal translation issues.

Overall, the project aims to open up academic activity to those in professional environments, often partners or recipients, and to civil society, with many activities to raise awareness of European issues
It also looks at the roots of European law: the very training of European lawyers promotes a European legal culture.

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