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Master 2 in Agricultural and Agrifood Businesses

Common Agricultural Policy Law

Master 2 in Agricultural and Agrifood Businesses: Common Agricultural Policy Law



Chapter 1. Design and development of the CAP

Section 1: choice of the CAP

A)   aspects of the debate

a)    Why have a specific agricultural policy?

b)    Why have a common policy?

B)   Incorporation in the treaty


Section 2: Structure of the CAP 1960-1970

A)   Pricing system

- principle

- different types of prices

B)   Contingency plan

               - 3 categories

C)   External trade regime

a)    Import regime

b)    Export regime

Section 3: developments in the CAP: 1970-1980

A) The need for a structural aspect

B) Socio-structural directives

C) Complementary areas

-          Disadvantaged regions

-          +Processing and marketing sectors

Section 4: 30 years of reforms to the CAP

A) 1985: assessment

a)    positive results

b)    Unresolved issues

 B) the correction of 1988

a)    restrictive pricing policy

b)    Extension of stabilisers

c)    Strengthening of quality criteria

d)    Emergence of structural support measures

C) the reform of 1992

a)    Main mechanism

-          Reduction in prices

-          Compensatory payments

-          Set-aside

b)    Support measures

D) regularisation of 1996

a) Context of the negotiations

b) The final act

c) Adjustment of the CAP

E) the interim reform of 1999

a)    Reform of support (3 important concepts)

b)    Creation of the rural development policy (general introduction)


F)    The reform of 2003/2004 (main aspects).

G)   Health assessment

H)   The CAP for 2020


Chapter II: Organisation of the CAP


Section 1: legal framework


A)   Field

B)   Objectives

C)   Principles

a)    Fundamental principles

b)    General principles


       D) Acts


Section 2: institutional framework


A)   Specific bodies

B)   Procedures

a)    Review

b)    Legislation

c)    Regulation


Section 3: financial framework



Chapter III: Content of the CAP



Section 1: Management of agricultural markets


Section 2: Development of agricultural structures


Section 3: Regulation of agricultural trade


A)   Guarantee of internal trade

B)   External trade regime


Section 4: Marketing of agricultural products


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Created on January 9, 2018

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