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"Gender equality in Russia : historical background and prospects". Conference by M Tokarev. IRDEIC, CEEC and IMH

February 14, 2019

Guy Isaac lecture hall

Gender equality in Russia: its history and future’, a lecture by Mr Tokarev. IRDEIC, CEEC and IMH on 14 February 2019, Europe Capitole Centre of Excellence


The way of thinking about gender and especially the status of women in contemporary democratic societies is far from settled and is still in flux today. The issue is at the heart of political science, jurisprudence, civil law and constitutional law.
In fact, it should be. Many works have brought to light its various facets but they have not fully integrated the contributions of other disciplines that have looked at the issue differently.
Unfortunately, we are lacking discussions that explicitly consider the notion of gender equality which could enable us to systematically understand all its aspects, whether anthropological, legal, historical, social or political.
Our objective is to analyse the concepts of gender equality and its various forms in Russia during the 19th and 20th centuries, considering specific social, political and legal contexts.

M. Tokarev is the head of the Chair of History at the Faculty of the Samara State Academy, head of the research laboratory in legal and historical sciences, research fellow at the Paris Institute of Higher Studies in Criminal sciences, member of the Society of Comparative Legislation (Paris), of the Centre « Democracy » (Liege University) and of the «National Observatory on Language Rights » (University of Montreal).

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