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Centre for European Studies, Documentation and Research (CEDRE)

Focus: Institutional law and substantive law

The CEDRE has been designated as a European Documentation Centre (EDC) by the European Commission. Its mission revolves around the continuous study of European integration with a particular focus on its legal aspects. Management: Hélène Gaudin.


It has a specialised library open to students, which contains all works, journals and official publications that relate to the European organisations.
The library is annexed to the university library located at the former tobacco factory.
The CEDRE acts as an academic support for European-based courses offered at the university:
Master’s in International, European and Comparative Law, and M2 European Law.
European Union Studies Diploma (DUEUE).
The centre participates in the organisation and running of several post-graduate courses at foreign universities (MAS in Community Law and Maghreb-Europe Relations at the Tunis University’s Faculty of Management and Legal and Political Sciences, MAS in International and European Economic Law at the Faculty of Legal, Economic and Social Sciences of the Cadi Ayyad University, Marrakesh).
The centre has also undertaken cooperative actions with foreign universities, in particular Laval University, Quebec.
Furthermore, on the basis of the UT Capitole-Laval framework agreement of 30 November 1995, a student and lecturer exchange protocol has been signed.

Hélène Gaudin
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