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International and European Laboratory (LIEu)

Focus: European internormativity - Area of freedom, security and justice - European criminal law

Research at the LIEu is focused on situations requiring knowledge of norms from sources other than French law, thereby ensuring the interlinking of legal systems. It is technically known as internormativity or legal pluralism. This is particularly the case with community, European and international norms.


Such situations are becoming increasingly numerous and raise the question as to their definition and the criteria that would distinguish between an internal matter and non-internal matter.
The laboratory works on the substantive aspects of EU law rather than its institutional aspects (in particular, its laws on freedom, security and justice, competition law and internal market law).
The laws based on the European Convention of Human Rights also form an external source for study.
Furthermore, the laboratory works on international sources, such as Unidroit rules and customary international law.
The coexistence of legal systems in different structures and solutions requires work on the legal techniques for the rules’ interconnectivity.
Current techniques fall within each State’s own private international law.
However, such techniques are beginning to coalesce: firstly in relation to the private international law rules based on an international source such as The Hague conventions, and secondly with the emergence of an EU-based private international law.
Simultaneously, practice has developed a common glossary allowing negotiators from around the world to understand each other while maintaining legal pluralism (e.g. Incoterms).
For its part, Community law has produced coordination and codification instruments.
In this context, the use of referential norms enables communication between the different instruments and legal systems.

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