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‘Les nouveaux enjeux de la politique pharmaceutique européenne’. Edited by Nathalie De Grove Valdeyron - IRDEIC

January 21, 2019

This book, ‘New challenges in European pharmaceutical policy’, is a collection of the presentations made at the initial conferences organised by the Jean Monnet Chair on European Health and Health Product Law, which were held in honour of Professor Louis Dubouis and focused on the new challenges facing EU pharmaceutical policy on safe, innovative and accessible health products.

This book is a collection of the presentations made at the first conferences organised by the Jean Monnet Chair on European Health and Health Product Law, which were held in honour of Professor Louis Dubouis. The conferences focused on the ‘New challenges in EU pharmaceutical policy for safe, innovative and accessible health products’.

The events took place on the tenth anniversary of the European Commission’s 2008 communication urging a ‘new vision for the pharmaceutical sector’. They allowed attendees to glean a future outlook built on the action led by the EU during the last ten years as well as information on the strategies implemented at the European level to meet the new challenges, therapies, and ethical and economic considerations faced by the pharmaceutical sector as it undergoes seismic shifts in its activities. The book, structured around safety, innovation and accessibility, places particular emphasis on the legal framework established for innovative products, such as nanomedicines, connected health products, innovative therapies, new orphan drugs and the opening of new technology to health products (e.g. online sales). Complex problems on the marketing of innovative medicines are also broached. Such medication is increasingly costly for health systems and they are sometimes released for sale before they should. How can all European patients be guaranteed equal access to the innovation in this sector when the setting of prices and the decisions on refunds depend on Member States? In this book, lawyers, along with specialists in health law, pharmaceutical law and health economics, healthcare and medical practitioners offer their views and reflections on these questions that are proving to be a structural challenge for all national health systems today.

Book edited by Nathalie de Grove Valdeyron, IRDEIC DESAPS Chair with contributions from Isabelle Poirot-Mazères, IMH, Emmanuelle Rial, Florence Taboulet and Alexandra Mendoza, CDA, members of the Chair team, along with Catherine Grynfogel, IRDEIC, Claire Bories, doctoral student, and Sarah Bister MD.



ISBN-10 : 290873530X
ISBN-13 :
 228 pages
Editor : Clément Juglar (1 janvier 2019)
Collection : Les Actes de la Revue du droit de l'Union européenne
Language : French
Direction : Nathalie de Grove Valdeyron, IRDEIC Chaire DESAPS Forewords Louis Dubouis
Autor(s) Isabelle Poirot-Mazères, IMH, Emmanuelle Rial,  Florence Taboulet et Alexandra Mendoza, CDA,  membres de l'équipe  de la chaire et Catherine Grynfogel, IRDEIC, Claire Bories doctorante, Sarah Bister Docteu
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