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Perspectives and coherence of European Union public law (PECODROP UE)

This programme, based on the existence of the new subject of European administrative law comprising the two pillars of constitutional law and administrative law, aims to outline the perspectives of these two approaches while attempting to ensure coherence.

European Union law transcends the basic dichotomy between public law and private law. For this reason, universities have often avoided organising European studies on the basis of this traditional model. The preferred classification instead distinguishes between a general or institutional law in the broadest sense, with a scope covering all relevant fields of European Union law (institutions, sources and nature of European Union law), and a special or substantive law limited to one field (European laws on competition, the internal market, transport, agriculture, etc.). Thus, although trends (even if only quantitative) in integration seem to be leading increasingly to a demand to study the European dimension as simply one of the sources of a particular law, it seems necessary rather to concentrate on the specific nature of the emergence of a ‘European Union public law’ based on two aspects that have until now been considered inextricably linked to statehood: constitutional law and administrative law.
This programme, based on the belief that consideration of the very nature of the European Union should henceforth include the study of this development of European Union public law based on these two pillars of constitutional law and administrative law, aims to outline the perspectives of these two approaches while attempting to ensure coherence

The basic structure of the programme is divided into two parts focusing on European constitutional law and administrative law respectively.

  • Part 1: PEACE: Study Programme on the Interaction between the Constitution and Europe February 27, 2018

    Research on the characteristics of the European Union depicts an entity that does not fit into the existing categories for international organisations and states. The European Union also disrupts certain legal categories and concepts, such as the notion of the constitution and constitutional law, because it uses these very epitaphs or it interacts with national constitutional laws. A theory on the reconciliation of the constitution and Europe thus seems necessary on a scientific basis, in order to align reality and the law. Read more

  • Part 2: STRUDAE: Structure of European Administrative Law February 27, 2018

    The STRUDAE programme is the logical successor to the CODAE programme. European administrative law was confirmed by the original programme and now constitutes this new discipline which will study this law’s characteristics and structure over the following years in various ways. Read more

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