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EuroNum: Programme on ‘digital law in the EU’

The research activities set out in the programme are divided into two complementary areas: analysis of European digital law (internal policy of the EU) and the digital policy of the EU outside its borders.

Digital raises major economic and social issues for the European Union and the European Commission has made digital one of its policy priorities. Several months ago, the Commission introduced and continues to introduce numerous measures to perfect the digital single market, which is still developing and remains a subject of discussion. In addition, the fight against cyber crime and cyber terrorism demonstrates that digital is also a matter of concern with regard to the creation of the area of freedom, security and justice.

Other issues are now of interest to the EU’s external dimension. Digital by its nature is not controlled by any single territory (the internet is global), and its regulation is a matter for inter-state relations. From an international geopolitical perspective, actors such as the United States, Canada, Russia and China play a key role in the fields of digital technologies and regulation. It is vital that the EU makes its voice heard in bilateral and multilateral relations

Céline Castets-Renard

Céline Castets-Renard was appointed as a junior member of the Institut Universitaire de France for 5 years in autumn 2015. She is implementing an ambitious research programme entitled ‘Normative regulation of the digital world

Future research activities set out in the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence programme are divided into two complementary areas


The two areas will be studied in parallel, since the internal and external policies of the EU are necessarily linked, with a view to addressing the legal issues posed by digital transformation.
The study will be carried out over three years through annual European and international conferences with EU academics and institutions, combined with workshops bringing together PhD students and post-doctoral researchers.
This work will be published.

The topics below are given as a guide:

  • What shape will the digital single market take and what place will it have in the global digital economy?
  • How can we improve cooperation and strengthen the digital security of the EU?
  • What are the policies and influence of the EU in international digital regulation?



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