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Telemedicine studies

Study on the deployment of medical records and the implementation of telemedicine in the European Union.

Online healthcare features prominently in the third programme of action for public health established by Regulation (EU) 282/2014 of 11 March 2014 for the period 2014-2020:  it aims to develop the use of innovation in health and online health services by improving the interoperability of patient registries and other solutions provided by online health services.

In general, the Commission aims to encourage the development of online health in order to meet a number of challenges in the field of health and health systems: these include ‘improving management of chronic conditions and multimorbidity’, ‘increasing the sustainability and efficiency of health systems by releasing the potential of innovation through the strengthening of patient/individual-centred care and the empowerment of the individual’, ‘encouraging cross-border healthcare, health security and solidarity’, and even ‘improving the legal and health requirements for the development of online health products and services, universality and fairness’.

We see here all the benefits of focusing on the way in which Member States regulate or practise telemedicine on their territory (without yet regulating it). Students on the Master 2 in European Law (Major) and the Master 2 in Health Law, along with a PhD student from UT1 Capitole, have started a study, which will take place over two years, to outline the legal framework of telemedicine in several Member States. The final results will be published (in 2019), and the outlines of the studies carried out will be reported in the newsletter under this heading


The following are participating in this study in 2018-2020:

Petra Mullerova (Czech Republic), PhD student in Law
Lucas Sutto (Spain), PhD student in European Union Law
Max Ruthardt (Germany), PhD student in European Union Law
Sarah Bister (France), Doctor of European Union Law
Thibaud Salmon (Belgium), student on the Master 2 in European Law
Baron Maïlis (United Kingdom), student on the Master 2 in European Law
Salazar Olivella Maria (United Kingdom), student on the Master 2 in European Law
Sarah Tachard (Luxembourg), PhD student in Law at the University of Poitiers
Marine Destreguil, Doctor of law, Lecturer-researcher at the University of Cergy Pontoise (laboratoire L.E.J.E.P) 2018-2020)
Fasoula Vasiliki, Phd student at Paris II, ATER at  Paris Nanterre (Sweden and Finland) (2018-2020)
Vlad Titerlea, Phd student in European law at Strasbourg University (Romania)(2018-2020)
Maria Zafeiropoulou, Doctor of management of  Lille University (Greece ) (2018-2020)
Eugenia Kopsidi, Doctor of Public Law  of  Aix Marseille University. (Greece)(2018-2020)
Marie BASTIAN, Phd student ATER at CRDP – EA 381, Paris Nanterre University (Ireland) (2018-2020)
Melita Sogomonjan, PhD student at Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia (Estonia) (2018-2020)


Summary of studies that will be published in 2018

(French contents)

  • Study on telemedicine in Belgium by Thibaud Salmon, student on the Master 2 in European Law
  • Study on telemedicine in France by Sarah Bister, Doctor of Law
  • Study on telemedicine in Luxembourg by Sarah Tachard, PhD student in Law at the University of Poitiers
  • Study on telemedicine in Sweden (Finland and Denmark subject to approval) by Fasoula Vasiliki, PhD student at Paris II University, temporary teaching assistant at Paris Nanterre
  • Study on telemedicine in Romania by Vlad Titerlea PhD student in European Union Law at the University of Strasbourg

Rentree solennelle ESL 2018 Max Ruthardt et Lucas Sutto
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